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Number of Torrents: 19 Million; Tor Support: No; Best Suited for: Movies, Music, Games, Software; iDope has archived the biggest database of the torrents so far. This website is more like a search engine of torrents which searches the torrent as per your query. The result page returns the most identical torrents as per the search query. Best Mac app for torrent search engine Now a torrents search engine comes into play. But still, the method of torrent search engines cannot be explained in a few words as they are divided into two categories basing on the torrent listings type: intra-website and inter-website listing sites. The site was blocked by UK ISPs last year, which seems to be a not-so-big-deal for most The Pirate Bay Original Is Back Galaxy's Most Resilient is the most popular torrent search engine which is different from any other BitTorrent-related websites. First of all, it displays the torrents based on the user's most common search queries, which make you see torrent files at a glance while there are extensive lists of torrents on its homepage.

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Torrentz - Torrent Search Engine | Pearltrees Torrent Search Engine Login Login or register to get advantage of advanced controls on AIO Search.Login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Wordpress Categories Select a category to load the related search engines.Click Add to add your own category.Drag categories to arrange your categories menu. Top 10 Best Torrent Websites That Work in 2020 | … Number of torrents: Over 60 million; Contains various content formats; When the original Torrentz site voluntarily shut down in 2016, Torrentz2 was launched as its stand-in. It’s now a popular torrent search engine with one of the biggest databases for games, music, films, etc.