How to enable UPNP to perform the Port Forwarding without

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There are two interface types for UPnP: internal (the one local clients are connected to) and external (the one the Internet is connected to). A router may only have one external interface with a 'public' IP address on it, and as many internal interfaces as needed, all with source-NATted 'internal' IP addresses.

UPnPy - PyPI UPnPy. Lightweight UPnP client library for Python. Install $ pip install upnpy Examples Get the external IP address of an Internet Gateway Device: import upnpy upnp = upnpy. UPnP # Discover UPnP devices on the network # Returns a list of devices e.g.: [Device ] devices = upnp. discover # Select the IGD # alternatively you can select the device directly from the list Why is the external IP not returned from a UPnP I am trying to use powershell to query/control UPnP devices. I researched and came up with using the UPnP.UPnPDeviceFinder object to get the list of upnp devices. Now as a first step to learn how to control a upnp device with powershell I want to get the external address of the router using the upnp WANConnectionDevice that my router contains.

UPnP technology is independent of any particular operating system, programming language, or network technology. Zero Configuration and Automatic Discovery The UPnP architecture supports zero-configuration and automatic discovery whereby a device can: Dynamically join a network; Obtain an IP address; Announce its name; Convey its capabilities

The cameras IP Address set to Static, the ports on the camera can now be configured. Before attempting to set your camera to UPnP, ensure your router is capable on UPnP. This information can be found from the manufacture or provided by the ISP. This will ultimately bypass any port forwarding required by the end-user or the ISP and set it GRC's | ShieldsUP! — UPnP Exposure Test Apr 09, 2013