The Hub-Spoke topology. In a Hub-Spoke network architecture, theHub is a virtual network on Azure that serves as the point of connectivity to the on-premises network. This connectivity can be done through VPN Site to site or through ExpressRoute. The Spoke are virtual networks running the peering with the Hub and can be used to isolate workloads.

Hub and Spoke MPLS VPN routes traffic through a hub site instead of directly between spokes. To achieve this, the control plane (i.e. routing) also follows a hub and spoke model. The spoke routers import and export from different hub PE VRFs. The hub PE has two VRFs, one for sending routes to the hub CE and one for receiving them. Hub and Spoke with BGP - SubnetZero Apr 17, 2015 Mikrotik HUB and SPOKE IPSEC VPN SITE TO SITE [Part-06 Nov 17, 2016

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IPsec VPN wizard hub-and-spoke ADVPN support. The IPsec Wizard can be used to create hub-and-spoke VPNs, with ADVPN enabled to establish tunnels between spokes. The following example shows the steps in the wizard for configuring a hub and a spoke. To configure the hub: On the hub FortiGate, go to VPN > IPsec Wizard.

VPN骨干网侧接入Hub站点的设备叫Hub-PE,接入Spoke站点的设备叫Spoke-PE。 Spoke站点需要把路由发布给Hub站点,再通过Hub站点发布给其他Spoke站点。Spoke站点之间不直接发布路由。Hub站点对Spoke站点之间的通讯进行集中控制。

What Is A Hub and Spoke Network? "Hub and spoke" (also called a "wagon wheel" network) refers to the traditional method of setting up a wide area network (WAN) over a virtual private network (VPN). As the name implies, one site—let's say, the Kansas River—operates as the hub, or central site.