Define outgoing. outgoing synonyms, outgoing pronunciation, outgoing translation, English dictionary definition of outgoing. adj. 1. a. Going out or away; departing: an outgoing passenger train. "this past Thursday"; "the past year" incoming - arriving at a place or position; "incoming class"; "incoming mail" 2. outgoing - retiring from a

Family remembers 13-year-old Oklahoma girl who died of Jul 15, 2020 outgoing - Wiktionary May 16, 2020 Putin says outgoing year was quite strenuous for him

May 13, 2020

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The outgoing rotation group households, which typically comprise a fourth of every basic monthly sample for a calendar year, are extracted and merged together by the Census Bureau and are released as the Merged Outgoing Rotation Group file.

Outgoing MP defends 30-year tenure in St James Southern Outgoing MP defends 30-year tenure in St James Southern. 20-year sentence proposed for violence against women, children. Health ministry yet to meet with JMDA about out-of-work doctors. Hungry Beijing Language and Culture University | Study Abroad