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Jul 12, 2017 Remote SSH Using Real IP and Bypass Active VPN Connection Jan 29, 2019 SSH over VPN connection - Server Fault Let's suppose your AWS is reachable via SSH at IP "your.ec2.ip.address". Let's suppose your office network has Internet access via a router that apply some NAT translations and, as such, your office PCs are seen, on the Internet, with IP "". (once your VPN tunnel is succesfully established). Let's suppose PPP0 is the

SSH over VPN connection - Server Fault

Apr 06, 2017

I can access to a VPN from my machine. I can access to a server in the VPN via SSH, but this machine has no access inside out because a firewall is blocking the reverse ssh connections. So I can't use Internet via tunnel to use apt-get. How can I emulate: sudo ssh -D 9999 root@ But from outside the VPN.

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