L2F: Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol. L2F is a tunneling protocol older than L2TP. LAC: L2TP Access Concentrator. A node that acts as one side of an L2TP tunnel endpoint and is a peer to the LNS. The LAC sits between an LNS and a client and forwards packets to and from each. Packets sent from the LAC to the LNS require tunneling with the L2TP protocol.

Concepto Protocolo desarrollado por Cisco, a diferencia del PPTP el protocolo L2F no depende de IP con lo cual es capaz de trabajar directamente bajo otros protocolos. Utiliza PPP para la autenticación de usuarios remotos. Los túneles que crea pueden soportar más de una conexión. Network Security Protocols - USALearning PPTP and L2F 149 PPTP and L2F PPTP – Point to point tunneling protocol • PPTP PPP IP encapsulation for TCP/IP, IPX, and NetBEUI • No encryption, but extended with RC4, PAP, CHAP, and EAP • Single-factor authentication; weak implementation • Nearly all Windows based; obsoleted by L2TP and IPSec L2F – Layer 2 forwarding • Tunnels at L2F dictionary definition | L2F defined L2F definition: (Layer 2 Forwarding) A protocol from Cisco for creating virtual private dial-up networks (VPNs) over the Internet. It was combined with PPTP to create the L2TP protocol. See L2TP. L2TP

L2TP or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is an extension to the PPP protocol that merges the best features of two other tunneling protocols PPTP and L2F, and is used to support virtual private networks (VPNs).

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L2F was designed by Cisco Systems (RFC 2341) to support the creation of secure VPDNs via tunnels over public infrastructure. The primary goal was (quoted from RFC 2341) "to divorce the location of the initial dial-up server from the location at which the dial-up protocol connection is terminated and access to the network provided."

Dec 05, 2019 · L2F is a Cisco channeling protocol that uses features such as virtual dial-up networks for well-secured data packet transport. L2F is similar in its functionality to the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) that was designed by Microsoft. L2F has been largely superseded by the newer Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol , an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol that provides a vendor-neutral tunneling solution. L2TP is an extension of the PPP protocol that supports the best features of the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and the L2F protocol. L2F or Layer 2 Forwarding is a tunneling protocol developed by Cisco Systems. It is used to build virtual private networks (VPNs) over the internet that could in turn provide the facility of transporting secure data packets. This article lists protocols, categorized by the nearest layer in the Open Systems Interconnection model.This list is not exclusive to only the OSI protocol family.Many of these protocols are originally based on the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) and other models and they often do not fit neatly into OSI layers. In an L2F environment, the protocol must be structured so that the NAS can detect the apparent identity of the user and establish a tunnel connection to the Home Gateway, where the arbitrary exchange can occur. INTERNET DRAFT 5.4 MNP4 and Apple Remote Access Protocol L2F appears compatible with Apple's ARAP protocol. Its operation under L2F has