Dec 07, 2017 · New Firefox Preference Center, Feels As Fast As It Runs December 7, 2017 We’ve released an all-new Firefox to the world, and it includes a lot of new browser technology that’s super fast.

General panel. This panel contains options preferences for the following types of settings: . General Startup, Home Page and Tabs: This is where you can set Firefox as your default browser, change what pages open when Firefox starts, set Firefox to restore your previous session at startup and choose how tabs are opened. Learn how to change the email program that Firefox opens when you click a "mailto" link or use the "Email link" and "Email Image" features. How to disable the Enterprise Roots preference Preference changes via user interface usually take effect immediately. The values are saved to the user profile (in prefs.js), for both Firefox and Thunderbird. A preference is read from a file, and can call up to four methods: pref(), user_pref(), sticky_pref() and lockPref(). Download Mozilla Firefox, a free Web browser. Firefox is created by a global non-profit dedicated to putting individuals in control online. Get Firefox for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS today!

Let us assume that you wanted to have google as the startup page for Firefox. To do this we will need to update the browser.startup.homepage preference. If you are using latest version of selenium, Please check updated article on Firefox Profile and Firefox Options Follow below steps to add a website as your homepage: 1.

A sheet will open up. Navigate to your ~/Library/Preferences and select the firefox plist file that's in there. It'll probably be called org.mozilla.firefox.plist. For the "Manage imported preferences:" choose always. Click add. That should do it!

(For example: firefox.cfg). This file must be located in the root of the Mozilla Firefox binary directory (i.e. the same directory as firefox-bin on UNIX or firefox.exe on Windows). The general.config.obscure_value preference specifies how the configuration file is obscured. Firefox expects that each byte in the file will be rotated by the

The search is your best friend. Just start typing a preference name and Firefox will automatically filter the list so that only matching results remain. You can change preference values with a double-click, and create new preferences with a right-click and the selection of new from the context menu. In Firefox this is generally a preference. There are then several mechanism we can use to turn this flag on to enable the feature off-train, Normandy pref rollout is a simple, safe, and featureful way. Check list. If you want to make a change to Firefox via preference rollout, here are the things you must do.