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Jul 07, 2020 [Solved] Private Internet Access will not connect I assume you are using the PIA Linux app, and this is what cannot connect? First isolate if it is a OpenVPN issue or a PIA app issue. Try and connect via Network Manager first. Instructions on how to set Network Manager up for PIA VPN connection here Login - PIA Support Portal - Anonymous VPN Service Provider

VPN is disconnecting / DNS is not resolving. Symptom: Establishing a VPN connection works fine however Browsers do not resolve any URLs. Cause: This symptom can be caused by an improperly configured DNS settings which do not get updated. Solution: Enter the following commands into the CMD (command prompt).

PIA's desktop clients now include piactl, a simple command line tool which enables using the VPN from a script. If that sounds like hard work then you might be right, but there could be advantages. All Private Internet Access settings explained - gHacks

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