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ICMP redirects drop - Check Point ICMP redirect messages are used by routers to notify the hosts on the data link that a better route is available for a particular destination. ICMP redirect packets are not allowed by default (refer to sk22180). Cisco ICMP Redirection Behavior and Tips. - Apr 21, 2019 DoubleDirect | Full-Duplex ICMP Redirect Attacks in the Wild

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How to Prevent ICMP Redirects. Routers use ICMP redirect messages to inform hosts of more direct routes to a destination. An illicit ICMP redirect message could result in a man-in-the-middle attack. Before You Begin. You must become an administrator who … Spoofing ICMP redirect host messages with hping An icmp redirect host message can be sent from any router on the same broadcast segment as the end host that "needs redirection". Modern network infrastructures will typically have a single router gateway address per subnet however it is possible to have more than one router in a segment making the operational case for ICMP redirect messages.