Twitter on Friday explained why world leaders are not always subject to the same content policies as other users as the company faces Twitter explains why it won't delete Trump's account.

How To Delete All Retweets in Twitter - Tech Junkie 2020-5-16 · You can also remove mentions from Twitter if you suffer from spam mentions, or if you just prefer to erase a particular mention for any reason. Using a Script to Delete Twitter Retweets. If coding is something you find enjoyable, this can be a perfect way of getting rid of all unwanted retweets. How to delete a Twitter DM you regret sending in the first How to delete that regrettable Twitter Direct Message before someone sees it By Francis Bea February 18, 2013 If you’ve ever sent a DM that you’ve regretted, you’re in luck. How to delete all of your tweets - CNET 2020-7-24 · How to delete all of your tweets. Dec. 30, 2011 12:00 p.m. PT. No matter the reason, if you're seeking a fresh start on Twitter, this is the way to get it done. this process can take a How To Delete All Your Twitter Likes - Tech Junkie

Circleboom is a Twitter app that helps you in quickly removing all old likes from your Twitter account. You can delete all Twitter likes or specific likes using the app. Bulk Delete Twitter Likes with Circleboom. Login to the Circleboom app and authenticate your Twitter account to use any feature.

Pause or delete a campaign - Twitter You can always pause your Twitter Ads campaign to stop it from spending, however, you can also delete your Twitter Ads campaign entirely. Note that deleting a campaign will erase some of its historic data from your Ads account. How to find your Drafts on Twitter and create or delete them You can find Drafts on Twitter to continue editing previously composed tweets on the Twitter app. You can save a tweet to your drafts folder and access it later to finish typing it or delete it.

How to delete all of your tweets - CNET

AI system can detect foreign trolls on Twitter, Reddit 2020-7-23 · A research team led by Princeton University has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based system that can detect in real time foreign trolls trying to influence election results through misinformation campaigns on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.