Lightspeed Systems Mobile Filter Extension for Chrome. At the end of the day, this really has absolutely no use. Only use for this is to block porn, but most of the time kids are going to be focused on school rather than watching porn with little to no volume.

It is free. NoTrack will bypass any Web pages that Lightspeed Systems is filtering. 2 Type the URL for the filtered website into the field on the NoTrack website. 3 Click the "Surf Now!" tab located to the right of the field and wait for NoTrack to bypass the Lightspeed Systems Internet filter that was previously blocking the desired website. Chronogolf is now Lightspeed. Used by over 850 golf courses worldwide and supported by the same team of passionate golfers, your favourite golf course management system is now powered by Lightspeed The AI technology behind the database extends even to the toughest things for school IT to manage: YouTube and filter bypass tools. In the case of YouTube, Lightspeed’s Smart Play feature lets schools allow educational YouTube videos in just a click and open up local teacher channels easily–while confidently blocking inappropriate and time-wasting content. There was a time when content filtering was just about blocking inappropriate content. Times have changed. Today web filters need to provide safe, fast access to valuable educational resources and connections. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter provides safe access without overblocking for today’s 21st-century learning environments.

Lightspeed Systems CIPA Compliance 6 it difficult for other filters to block those types of sites. With the Lightspeed Web Filter, you can end this battle by blocking secure proxies. Unsecure and Anonymous – Block users accessing HTTP sites which, though not encrypted in any way, may be inappropriate. With the Lightspeed Web Filter, you can

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It always says "this website is listed under 'such and such'" and requests an admin username and password to bypass it. lolz I don't have the guts to really do it, but its nice to know. Web Filter Solution Comparison- Which is Best? Lightspeed Relay by Lightspeed Systems is the result of 20 years of experience in K-12 web filtering and offers the newest, most innovative technology. Thanks to Relay's Smart Agents, every device is … filter bypass Archives - Lightspeed Systems Community Site